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Getting Excited!

July 21st, 2009

Velib station ParisMerci mille fois again to my friend E who sent in these photos a while ago. I’m certainly getting excited to visit France and go out adventuring. I don’t plan to use the Velibs since I’ll have my own bike with me, but I’ll be excited to see how they’ve changed the city since we lived there.

Velibs waiting at the stationThere’s something about all the Velibs in a row that reminds me of Easter Island.

Pair of Parisian chic cyclistsI just love the scarf on the man in the background!

chic Parisian cyclistLeather jacket, ballet flats, sweet ladies’ frame vĂ©lo de ville – this lady has it going on! I like the tonality of her look.

chic cyclist in trainingAs E points out, a chic cyclist in training. Love her little fenders!

lugged French mixte antique bike bicycleCheck out the lugs on this swoopy mixte. It also has great racks and I love that little light on the front fender. Someday I will have one like it.

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