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Boston Cycle Chic

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Submitted by reader S., here are some Boston Cycle Chic photos taken near the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston. Makes a stunning backdrop for cute images!

boston cycle chic

boston cycle chic

boston cycle chic

boston cycle chic

Getting Excited!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Velib station ParisMerci mille fois again to my friend E who sent in these photos a while ago. I’m certainly getting excited to visit France and go out adventuring. I don’t plan to use the Velibs since I’ll have my own bike with me, but I’ll be excited to see how they’ve changed the city since we lived there.

Velibs waiting at the stationThere’s something about all the Velibs in a row that reminds me of Easter Island.

Pair of Parisian chic cyclistsI just love the scarf on the man in the background!

chic Parisian cyclistLeather jacket, ballet flats, sweet ladies’ frame vĂ©lo de ville – this lady has it going on! I like the tonality of her look.

chic cyclist in trainingAs E points out, a chic cyclist in training. Love her little fenders!

lugged French mixte antique bike bicycleCheck out the lugs on this swoopy mixte. It also has great racks and I love that little light on the front fender. Someday I will have one like it.

Sporty Chic

Monday, July 20th, 2009

sporty chic cyclist
I have been spending some time recently thinking about what the Chic Cyclist who rides long distances might wear. My husband and I are going on vacation in France, riding our bikes from little town to little town. I want to hop off and look chic, but we’ll be riding too far for “normal” clothes. This lady (submitted by dotbike) has a nice balance between chic and performance, I particularly like her aubergine knickers.

Anyone have any suggestions for chic sporty gear?

Working along Mass Ave

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Cue the Beach Boys:
Oh wouldn’t it be nice…

sidewalk work Mass Ave Boston

The sidewalk along one of the most difficult parts of Mass Ave is enormous, and they’re adding a new swath of concrete. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were a bike lane?

We can dream!

Summer City Cyclist

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

summer city cyclist
What a handsome chap! I spotted him in the South End last night.

Handpainted Cruiser

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

handpainted cruiser bicycle
For sale on Craigslist Boston, this pretty cruiser has been hand painted to nice effect.

Bicycle Wedding

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

bicycle wedding

Extremely chic photo by christinanicoleb

We’ve been talking about tandems, but on my second wedding anniversary I’m thinking more about Bike Love in general. There’s something about a tandem that says love and marriage, but like I said yesterday – two years ago there were none to be found. I like the symbolism of two wedding bikes also, so in the end it all worked out.

In retrospect I wish we’d thought to take some photos that day with our bikes. The inherent joy is somehow captured in the movement of the bike. A handsome handlebar is a natural prop if you want to do the ring photo. Just remember a handlebar basket for your bouquet. And how about this bicycle tube garter belt!?

I can imagine that this gentleman is using a bicycle wheel as a metaphor for the dynamics of marriage. He’s probably talking about how you have to both support and depend upon each other in order to roll along easily, and just keep moving if you don’t want to fall over. I love this wedding cake because the bride is carrying the groom on her handlebars!

The bicycle must be a powerful marriage metaphor because there are plenty of other bike wedding photos, invitations, accessories, etc. out on Flickr, Etsy, and the web.

PS. That grain of rice is still lodged in my handlebars. Two years and counting.

Tandem Trend

Monday, July 13th, 2009

couple riding a tandem bicycle
Since I saw the Butterfly Tandem, I’ve seen tandems all over town – parked in front of grocery stores, parked on the bridge, and this couple who turned off in the direction of the Butterfly Tandem, but on closer inspection I don’t think there are any butterflies on that bike. In 2007 I could not find a tandem anywhere. Now they’re all over the place.

What a fun trend!

Bikes I saw in Oregon

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

I had to be in Oregon recently for a family event. We had a nice time but there was very little cycling for me. I did manage to get you these shots.

bicycles Portland Oregon AmsterdamThe airport in Portland has cycle chic advertising. It’s true, a bike can’t get you everywhere… we do need airports.

handlebar bag totem feathers bike bicycleThis was my favorite bike I saw in Eugene. Yes, it’s a dangerous bag, and would probably be illegal in Massachusetts, but it does look so right in Oregon.

sea foam cruiserA seafoam green cruiser on campus in Eugene was one of the more fanciful bikes I saw. Most tended to the practical, understandable but less fun.

copper three speed bikeThis copper colored Raleigh was one of the only bikes of that era I saw. It’s too bad, Eugene is a flat enough city that I could easily see getting around on one of the old townies.

bike shelter in Oregon, bike parkingThis bike shelter is one of so very many all around Eugene. They were all similarly full. This sort of bike infrastructure is what we’re missing in Boston.

spooky bicycle at night, tall grass and twilight
Finally, this atmospheric image was taken in Washington State, on the beach. It was getting to be evening on a Friday night, this person was clearly commuting home along the beach bike path. Now that’s the life!

Rainy Day Rainbow

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

rainbow homemade DIY bike bicycle streamers on the handlebarsSpotted near Symphony Hall, this old green Raleigh has several nice custom touches, none so wonderful as the glittery grips and homemade streamers.

rainbow homemade DIY bike bicycle streamers on the handlebars