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Winter Storm In Effect

January 28th, 2009

winter storm bicyclist
There is a winter storm warning in effect. The streets are nearly empty. My boss told me I could work from home today. I would have still ridden my bicycle in to work, as this man is, but I am concerned about the trip home. In the daylight I can see the ice, at night I need more light.

Good thing I have a plan for that!

Here’s the plan: I have a dynamo front wheel being built. I have a front rack coming in the mail. Now all I need are headlights to run off the dynamo. My colleague showed me a copy of Bicycle Quarterly, which happened to have an article about modifying LEDs for use with a dynamo. Does anyone else have suggestions for me? I’d really like to have two round headlights, if that’s even possible with a Sturmey-Archer dynohub. What shall I do?

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  1. latron Says:

    It’s not bad, actually. Have been out and about, not even with studded tires, and haven’t slipped yet. While not exactly fun, it’s way faster — and safer, I’d venture — than trying to negotiate the sidewalks.

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