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Ode to English Bike Gear

November 25th, 2008

Today is English winter weather – cool but not nippy with a cold, soaking rain. As I rode in, profoundly appreciating my

I resolved to break my guidelines and post another photo of yours truly, soaking wet and not looking particularly chic, but still out there in weather that kept most bicycles at home, all thanks to timeless English design that knows this weather inside out and backwards!

There was a certain affinity among the cyclists who were out today – they mostly all smiled at me, and I was grinning and splashing in puddles the whole way in (and getting drenched by passing cars). I got into my office, peeled of my jacket, rain trousers, and galoshes, and was completely dry underneath. Today is a good day.

(photo taken by a colleague, bag is open to fish out camera from dryness inside, this is our bike parking at work – something I intend to post about on Thursday because I’m so very thankful for this wonderful space, which is the only place I could take a photo that wouldn’t get my camera completely soaked)

OK, a bit of not-really-fashion advice: my Barbour dates to my more active equestrian days and it is perfect for a cycling posture – sitting on a saddle with your hands in front of you. The more modern ones have ‘handwarmer pockets’ which is an important improvement. Get that style if you can. I wanted to take off the visor on my helmet because that’s what the cool kids do, however today it was invaluable in keeping the rain out of my eyes. And I say I don’t have Hunter wellies yet because I don’t think it would be possible for my English colleague to rave about them more. She clearly adores them and they’re trendy enough right now to be on sale soon. I expect to pick up a pair. I’d be interested in additional datapoints if anyone has worn them. Thanks!

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  1. Boston Biker Says:

    This is exactly what I looked like when I got home today…only I had taken a header over the handle bars because one of those pot holes was hiding a big pot hole under it…booo!

    But you are right everyone was smiling at me today it was a good riding day.

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