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Sometimes you just need a car?

October 19th, 2011

I have a new commute. My friend watches Future Cyclist two days a week. She’s in Arlington just off the Minuteman. At first I drove to her and then rode my bike to work, because that’s what we knew. I quickly realized how miserable it is to have my baby in the backseat while I’m stuck driving, so now we take the subway to Alewife, walk a ways to my friend’s house, and then I bike to work… Some people make think we just need a car but these mornings together are the highlight of my day.

All this leadup to explain why I was on the subway and saw this Zipcar advertisement:

OK, I agree, sometimes you might just need a car. That’s true. But the example given in the photo? That’s just not the case there. Sometime you just need SOME BIKE RACKS people! For the $60 annual Zipcar subscription you could get a decent set of front and rear racks, solving the problem posed in the photo for more than just one year.


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