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My HandleBar

October 16th, 2011

I finally have half a moment to post a photo from my brother’s wedding this summer. We were enjoying a sunny afternoon in downtown Boulder when MyHandleBar rolled into town. This thing looked like so much fun I went running over with my niece and her grandpa (my sister’s father-in-law, is there a name for our relationship?) Here they are for scale as we checked this thing out:

It is a mobile bicycle bar, with one driver and everyone else literally saddled up to the bar.

The geometry of the cockpit is “relaxed”, to say the least. They need 3 people minimum, if I remember correctly, and can take on more than will have pedals. The slope of your hill can’t exceed 5 or 6%, but given those constraints it looked like a blast. Maybe someday Harpoon will have one of these and we won’t have to ride Brewery to Brewery, we can just bring the beer along!

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