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More than just Winter Quiet

February 8th, 2011

I apologize for the silence on this blog. I haven’t been able to ride and have been finding it just unbearable to think about cycling when I can’t get out on my bike.

I thought I could ride yesterday but heard that we were expecting snow in the evening so I reluctantly took the bus. It was warm and puddled all day. Today I waited for the bus for half an hour then gave up in disgust and went home for my bike. If snow was not actually falling from the sky I wasn’t going to worry about it. Maybe I still won’t be able to ride home. Whatever.

This morning I rode slowly and safely, walked when I was nervous, and have been grinning like a fool with the endorphins from actually getting to ride my bike for the first time in almost a month. I feel so much happier!

I also got to use my new bike accessory:

I am not the only cyclist with big news, and I have been spending a bit of this last bus-bound month reviewing Totcycle archives. I’ve been lucky that I have been able to ride so much during this pregnancy, with only one other three day obstacle in December. We’re 34 weeks today (hurray!) and as a person who has had setbacks, this seems like a nice, safe, good time to finally announce!

My husband thought you would all have guessed our news when my Italian “baby-moon” photos featured more Moms on bikes than sexy Italian bicycles, but I guess it was subtle enough.

I fear this blog may divert a bit into mom-bike territory, as even the Dawes for my own mother is getting reworked as our family station wagon (for when Future Cyclist is big enough).

In the near term I hope the Future Cyclist and I will be able to snap some good cycling photos for you all when we’re out on walks. I’ll also be back on my bike ASAP after s/he joins us, which should coincide with the nice weather arriving. I’m trying not to think about missing brevet season (and a PBP year at that!) and focusing instead on perhaps volunteering at checkpoints. We already have a baby-sized cycling cap and are working on cheering… “Allez les cyclists!”

So please bear with me as time rolls along, the seasons change, a focus shifts, and my bicycle transforms to continue to reflect my needs at any given time… aren’t bicycles awesome?

5 Responses to “More than just Winter Quiet”

  1. matt Says:


  2. Vin Says:

    Oh, that is great news!!!!

  3. Gerry Says:

    Congratulations to all 3 of you. You might look at an Xtracycle with a PeaPod.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Congratulations! I rode my bike right up to the day I went into labor for my daughter who is now 25 years old! On that final day I rode my bike out to Watertown & back, a distance of about 15 miles round trip. All manner of bikes have been a continuing presence in our lives. Maybe you’ve seen my son on the purple high bike with the truck air horns.

  5. chiccyclist Says:

    Thank you! That is very heartening news as we look to our future with little people and bikes. I hope that our children will also someday still be riding.
    That’s truly awesome.

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