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Crazy question for you all

January 24th, 2011

I got this email from a friend of mine, and am stumped by the “under bike shorts” part of it. I don’t usually think of wearing underwear with bike shorts:

I have a very crazy question for you. My dad has decided that he is going to do the cross-country bike ride starting in March, and he was just over here asking my husband a lot of questions about gear etc.  Dad mentioned that a few years ago my mom gave him some underwear that had a leather insert and those were the most comfortable underwear he ever had for wearing under bike shorts. He said they were like the same kind of underwear that horse jockeys wear or something.  We had no idea what he was talking about, and I’m sure you can imagine what came up when I googled “leather underwear” and the results actually got worse when I added “horse jockey” to the search terms.

Of all the people in the world that might have an idea of this product that my dad is talking about which lives in the intersection of the Venn diagram for cycling, horse riding, and appropriate undergarments for all activities, you have to be one of the best :).  So – any idea what he’s thinking of?

So my cycling friends, any thoughts? Is Dad thinking of just old-school chamois or is there some other garment out there, hidden behind all those photos we don’t really want to look at?

Thank you for any leads!

4 Responses to “Crazy question for you all”

  1. Tea Says:

    Yes there is padded underwear ‘cycling specific’…..say if you like to ride in bermuda or kaki shorts?, you can slip them underneath. I bought something similar at REI once before.


  2. matt Says:

    well, leather is used on the Brooks saddles many people swear by. so it might be quite comfortable. and if he is using non-padded bike shorts, that might be a good way to go.

    but the purpose of padded bike shorts is really the moisture-wicking properties of chamois, less so the padding itself. so, if he is wearing leather (of whatever sort) under padded shorts then, eh, “he’s doing it wrong” 🙂

    good luck to him on his ride across America? northern or southern route?

  3. selfrighteous Says:

    While the leather horse jockey underwear certainly sounds kinky, I must caution your dad. Modern bike shorts are meant to be worn as is – with nothing under them. Wearing clothing of any kind between chamois and skin is very uncomfortable, not to mention unsanitary. For a cross-country trek, I recommend a high-end pair of bib shorts. The bibs will keep the shorts exactly where they need to be. Bib shorts are also one of the only items of cycling gear that has a near-linear return on investment. Is a $5000 bike 5 times faster than a $1000 bike? No. Is a $150 pair of bib shorts twice as comfy as a $75 pair of bib shorts? Oh, hell yeah.

  4. Gerry Says:

    Something like these http://www.swobo.com/catalog/product_info_m.php?cPath=2045_2173
    I’ve got some a lot less expensive from REI, couldn’t find them on their website now. A lot of MTB shorts come without a liner. A lot of companies make them. I’ve never seen leather. When out shopping, I wear REI Sahara shorts or pants with a lightly padded bike short under them. (http://www.rei.com/product/794412) Very comfortable.

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