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White Raleigh is very Orange

January 7th, 2011

As a Raleigh fan, of course this Carleton-made Reynolds 531 Grand Prix caught my eye as it was parked in Kendall Square. It’s been updated in a manner consistent with my personal preferences to make an attractive, practical city bike.

I was particularly delighted to see such a functional front rack, and all the more happy when I got back to my desk and saw that there is currently a coupon available for exactly this rack: Velo Orange Porteur Rack

The whole bike seems to have been updated with Velo Orange parts – racks, grips, handlebars, saddle, bag, and I particularly like those chrome fenders.

I’m not sure about the bag though. It is looking a lot floppier here than my Giles Berthoud bag, on which it was modeled. I would be interested in speaking with the owner of this bike and learning how much exposure the bag has taken. It’s all academic though, while one thing is certain – this bike will catch your eye, even if you’re running late. Gotta go!

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