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Link: How to talk about cycling with a Conservative

January 6th, 2011

This was sent to me by a liberal friend, and I’m finding it amusing enough, and general enough, to want to share it:
How to talk about cycling with a Conservative

These “across the aisle” arguments have worked for me in the past and, except for continuing to (lightly) include the climate change issue, I think I’ve largely embraced this more widely accepted set of points, and certainly moved into the national security as related to dependence on foreign oil realm when discussing the global implications of tiny choices at home.

I think my favorite line in the article might be:
“Note: Some business suits actually contain trace amounts of Lycra and Spandex.”
Go read the article, you’ll see…

Actually I’m wrong, my favorite line is:

“people who choose to ride should be able to do so safely, as taxpaying citizens worthy of full protection of their individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of that special kind of happiness one gets from riding a bike.”


(Note, I looked into the Edison video and it was FILMED by Edison, but he’s not actually riding the bike)

4 Responses to “Link: How to talk about cycling with a Conservative”

  1. dotbikerblog Says:

    Couldn’t see the link? In my world I come across a lot of conservative thinking folks. It’s amazing though how you can change their thinking sometimes by being patient (who me?) and turning their argument around on them…

  2. Gerry Says:

    I am a conservative & I don’t understand the problem. Unless it is the typical stereo-typing done by liberals. I own & ride 4 different bikes. Last year was a slow year only 6328 miles logged at http://www.BikeJournal.com (GT). I am or have been a member of my local, state & national bike advocacy groups. I get really tired of the hate speech toward conservatives by those groups & their holier-than-thou politics. I really do enjoy your blog. I like practical bikes for a variety of uses. One of my bikes is an Xtracycle on a rigid frame Rockhopper. Ride safe. Smile lots.

  3. Fenway Says:

    The sterotype is because of Republican representatives complaining about wasteful spending on bicycle infrastructure. Sometimes it is on base when money is going to seasonal tourist paths in resort areas. Other times it isn’t like diverting money from painting lanes in cities such that recently repaved truck lanes can get paved yet again.

  4. matt Says:

    Hear, hear.

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