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Sweet Bike Spotted at Harvard Med

October 22nd, 2010

Just looking at this bike it’s clear that a lot of time and love went into its creation.

This photo doesn’t capture it so well, but those Sun rims have “facets”, much like the Honjo Le Paon fenders. The different faces of the rim catch the light differently.

I’m pretty sure this bike belongs to a taller gentleman.

I love the powder grey cable housing he chose with his powder blue bike. It reminds me of a bike I saw way back on Newbury Street, in more of a ladies’ size. I called it “Cloud Bike” I wonder if we could find a way to introduce those two?

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  1. Paul Schimek Says:

    Was there a head badge or other name?
    Thanks for the great posts — but why are there duplicates of many of them?

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