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Stylish Safe Simplicity

April 26th, 2010

After I posted South End Simplicity, a reader submitted a beautiful bike that is clearly a friend to that one, also with cloth-taped handlebars, but this one features a brake lever (and brake!):

singlespeed bike
I love the cloth tape on my handlebars. The natural feel in my hand is particularly nice for a city commuter on which I do not generally wear gloves (weather permitting). With my inverse levers I never had to wrap around a brake lever, however this bike looks great! I particularly like how the curve of the cable housing is integrated with that of the handlebar. It all looks so graceful.

cloth tape handlebar wrap with a brake lever
The final classy touch is, of course, the wooden end caps. They make me think of a wine bottle stopper, or a child’s toy, both much nicer than the plastic-y things that come in the box with handlebar tape. C – did you make these? Is there any place a person can buy a set?

classy wooden end caps for cloth handlebar tape

A beautiful, simple, bike.

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