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Rode a pretty black bike to work today

December 15th, 2009

Zeus is mostly done! All the rest of the work will be customizing it for Dad.

This bike is SO MUCH FUN to ride. It’s a little tall for me, so I feel like I see forever. I haven’t loaded it down with racks and bags so it’s light and quick and it really does Zoooom!

I took these photos at a playground because Dad is telling everyone about how he’s getting a bicycle for Christmas. He sounds so happy when he says it, and he also sounds like he’s about 6 years old. It’s adorable. Aren’t bikes great?

The bike shifts well. The stem shifters work great (10 on the tree, instead of 3!) and I think we have the derailleurs adjusted so he can’t throw the chain.

I’m not sure the gearing will be perfect for Dad, but that’s the work of time. I’m happy we’ll get to ride around together while he’s here and work out these details. I look forward to sharing what I know about bikes, just as he once did about vintage cars. And just as I learned all the tricks I needed to get the old machines he gave me running, he’s going to have to learn the delicacy of shifting this old friction system. The thing is, unlike the pink and grey wedding cake Edsel he wanted to give me when I turned 16, these old vintage machines are a bit cheaper to keep running! But I do think he will have an appreciation for it.

All this started when Dad had his heart attack and bypass surgery so I got a gold-plated locket on Etsy and went down to our local bead store for a gold-plated split ring that was large enough to slip over cable housing. Inside I’ve left a message for Dad.

As suggested, I may switch the water bottle to his non-dominant hand. I know he’s going to love the cork grips, they feel really nice. The cheap Wald handlebars are wide for my slender lady shoulders but I highly recommend them for men.

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  1. cranky4life Says:

    nice job! Your dad will be really happy with it

  2. ciro Says:

    wow, very thoughtful.

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