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Update on Dad’s Bike

December 8th, 2009

Well, as expected I’m learning so much with this project! This weekend’s life lesson was to widen one’s gaze. Certainly vintage Campagnolo is stunning, and would be correct for dad’s bike, but I discovered a treasure trove of bike jewelry that mere mortals might actually afford: Shimano 600 Arabesque.

Man, is this stuff beautiful! It is the vintage analog to modern Ultegra, and was made from 1978 to 1984. I love the engraving, and the black enamel accents are the perfect counterpoint to the rich black paint on dad’s bike.

I have included extra-large photos if you want to click to make them huge.

The front derailleur is relatively restrained, when you see the rest of the component group.

Absolutely stunning downtube shifters – but Dad doesn’t want downtube shifters! More on that later…

The cranks are in perfect condition, they hardly look used.

I went with a short cage derailleur because we’ll just have a double crankset in front. I hope it will have enough pull.

Note the engraving and fluting on the front face as well as the derailleur cage.

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