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Mystery Cargo Bike spotted at 77 Mass Ave.

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

DIY homemade cargo bikeThe homemade cargo bike has been spotted at MIT. Seems fitting.

Someday I have to meet this person!

Springtime Cool

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

lady cyclist Dorchester white trousers
It takes a brave woman to ride a bike in Boston, and a braver one still to do it in white trousers. This lovely lady is doing all that, and topping it off with a lilac nod to springtime. I love it!

Photo submitted by dotbike. Thank you!

Natural Elegance

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

She looked so elegant in the late spring evening light, I think it was the drape of her shawl and her headscarf. Her mode of transport, the clothes she has chosen, I expect this lady is quietly elegant in the rest of her life too.

Perfect Green Raleigh

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

perfect green RaleighI think this bike may be perfect in every way. Beautiful old frame, gorgeous Brooks saddle, working headlight, great colors, Carradice bag, and those streamers. Those streamers get me every time. On whole, a perfect balance of practicality, classic aesthetics, and whimsy.

Bike Flowers

Monday, May 18th, 2009

flowers on bike
The second set of bike flowers went north of my border, to add more cheer to Canada. Don’t they look happy? Best wishes for happy riding Jennifer!

The first set can be seen here.

For Pat: The Liberty Hotel Bike Service

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Liberty Hotel Boston bikes
On my way to work after the Bike Week party I did a double-take when I saw all these beautiful Electra bikes all lined up. It was damp this morning, which must be why they have those saddle covers.

Hotel guests get to use them for up to 4 hours free. After that it’s /hour.

Liberty Hotel bikes

"Boston Wants It"

Friday, May 15th, 2009

The Boston Bikes party this morning was a happening scene, and I was overwhelmed by all the people, all the bikes, all the stalls of bike goodness. It was more bike love than I could take in at one moment. Thank you all!

lady elegant cyclist black heels fishnetsThis beautiful cyclist is one of the most frequent contributors and commenters on this blog. I was thrilled to finally meet her in person. I don’t know if you can tell, but she’s sporting fishnets. I was drooling on her basket, it was terribly embarrassing. And yes, I think the banner is right – Boston wants it.

bicycle portraitNicole Freedman was also out taking bike photos. She spotted this beautiful bike before I did – add excellent photographer to the long list of things that she does well.

dapper gentleman cyclistHere’s my best-dressed gentleman. He’s wearing the hat that all the young men are sporting now. In his case I think the hat is as old as these young men who are co-opting the look. Anyway, I think he looks great and I’m glad he’s out on a bike.

Boston bikes partyThese two gentlemen are working on a petition to plow the Franklin Park bike path in the winter. I love the incongruity of those clipless shoes with a suit!

What a great morning! Happy Bike Week!

A real "Sport Utility Vehicle"

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

sport utility vehicle rigid mountain bike commuter
Whoever coined the phrase “sport utility vehicle” touched on some intrinsic part of the American psyche. Evoking adventure and practicality, the phrase is very much in tune with how Americans like to think of themselves. Sure, there are those of us who love all things European; haute couture, design, high culture, etc. but I think we all at some level understand the American appeal of the Jeep Cherokee and a Brooks Brothers sack suit.

Budd bikesI’ve been watching bike trends for just a short time really, and love the resurrection of the old three-speeds, but it’s my prediction that the rigid mountain bike of the early nineties will be the next style to be pulled out of basements and retro-fitted for commuting. Indeed in conversations with local framebuilder Matt Budd I mentioned that his design (at right) reminded me of this idea, and he was very enthusiastic, as that was exactly his inspiration.

There are many beautiful Dutch/Danish bikes available, and there are gorgeous custom bespoke bikes, but it’s my opinion that the converted rigid mountain bike, like the one I photographed yesterday, may be the true American ‘sport utility vehicle’ (with bonus points, as it’s a lot more sporty and a lot more utilitarian than the Ford Explorer!).

However, my husband says “Don’t even think about touching my Yo Eddy!

sport utility vehicle rigid mountain bike commuter

Question for my readers

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Dear Readers,

Let’s pretend that you heard that your bike community was planning a “Bike Fashion Show”. What sort of things would you want to go see? What would get you excited?

I’m purposely being vague here, I’m hoping for some brainstorming. If y’all want more direction I’ll be more concrete. But just throw things out there – what would you like to see?


Bike Week Festivities

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Mass Bike tune up stationBike Week is a day old and the energy has been great! I’m seeing lots of cyclists out, and even more I’m seeing lots of cyclists talking to each other. I think it is great for new cyclists to see that bike riders are a friendly, generous group and we should all make an effort to be extra friendly this week.

I had a brief chat with the father shown in the photo with his son on the trail-a-bike – they ride every day and were surprised to discover that they could get their tires pumped up by a cheerful MassBike volunteer, and a free Clif Bar.

Broadway Bike pancake breakfast
I have to thank Broadway Bicycle School for throwing their annual pancake breakfast again this year. The pancakes have real blueberries in them, the coffee is surprisingly good, and the social scene is the best. I saw over half of my Boston bike friends in the space of a half hour. I wish we all got together more often.

Thank you Broadway Bike!

The only negative news is that there have been Cambridge police officers waiting around both sides of 77 Mass Ave to pull cyclists over. I’m sure they’ll tell you they’re doing it for your own safety, but just be careful out there. It kinda seems like they’re looking to make some ticket money off the brand new cyclists who don’t know the traffic laws yet.