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Cape & Islands Photo Submission

May 30th, 2009

From reader P, a bike report from his trip to the Cape and Islands:

Went to Nantucket for a day and here’s what I saw.

1. Cool Cape Bike (notice the nice basket and the fishing pole holders on the back)

Cape Cod fishing bike bicycle

2. Free waterfront parking. Compared to on the spot for a day, parking elsewhere in Hyannis (for free) and riding a bike nets big savings (is that chic or not?)

bike in Hyannis

3. Cool rentals

rental bikes Nantucket Massachusetts

4. Abandoned cruiser (This has been there for over a month and I’d love to know its story)

Nantucket cruiser bike

Charlotte would like to ask that, if possible, the comments to this post be written in the form of a limerick.
“There once was a bike in Nantucket…”

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