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Cambridge Bicycle’s Party Bikes

May 26th, 2009

Here is a submitted set of photos from the Cambridge Bicycle bike party, which was rescheduled and I could not attend. Thanks are due to my friend C, who sent in photos and commentary. His thoughts, and my comments, below.

Apologies in advance about the blurry cameraphone pics, but I was at the Cambridge Bicycle commuter block party last night and thought you might appreciate these pictures of some swanky commuter bikes.

C, I do indeed, I think we all thank you so much for sharing these!

Independent Fabrications ladies bike
Red Independent Fabrication Step-through (!) with cork grips, Alfine internal gear hub and thermos holder.

I haven’t ever seen this bike! WOW! It’s beautiful!

don’t remember maker of this one, but I just liked the wicker basket.

It’s a gorgeous basket!

ANT Boston roadster
ANT Boston Roadster with blue powdercoat, Nexus internal gear hub, hammered Honjo fenders and one of Mike’s chainguards.

I enjoyed chatting with the owner of this bike at the Friday party. I have been drooling on this bike on numerous occasions now, the owner of the bike is finally OK with it, though it’s embarrassing to me.

Austro-Daimler commuter bike
Vintage Austro-Daimler frame, black with nice yellow accents. Pretty bike!

That is a beautiful bike, with a nice classically simple austerity to it.

The infamous “Man In Black” and his Velorbis won best All-Around commuter. The Sexiest bike awards were all grabbed by some rather h0tt fixed gears with nice custom paint jobs.

Thanks for the report C! Now we all want photos of your sexy bike!

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