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March 30th, 2009

Green Raleigh Superbe bike chainguard dynohub
There have been a confluence of references to Raleigh Superbes in my life recently. It started with Bikes Not Bombs, and their Superbe which was gone by the time my friend went out there to buy it. Commenting on his eventual Sport, Chiara mentioned the Superbe. Intrigued I found one on Craigslist in Providence for 0 (deleted now, must be sold). Finally, when reading about putting an internally geared hub on my city bike I came across Sheldon’s Superbe.

Raleigh Superbe 1966 English greenI was delighted when I found one in the basement of the Cambridge Antique Market (201 Monsigneur O’Brien Highway). They even let me try it out, even though I told them I was just looking. It is a 1966 and it doesn’t have the chaincase that the others do. Yet you can see in the photo that it is a Superbe, and the rest of the bits are there (locking fork, dynohub, Brooks saddle). My first thought was “smooth”. The bike glides. My next impression was a bit of the “joliness” of my Raleigh Sport. My current townie is fun, but he takes himself a little bit seriously. These old Raleighs seem a bit more relaxed. I wish I could justify a new bike. This Superbe is listed at a suberbe value and I’d really like to bring him home with me. I need an excuse – at 5 bikes I’m running out of excuses to buy yet another. Anyone???

Raleigh Superbe Green

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