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Good things will happen in 2009

Monday, January 12th, 2009

For many reasons I’m glad that 2008 has ended. 2009 is looking to be a much better year.

On the bike front, Nicole Freedman is going to get things off to a good start in Boston with a “Boston Bikes Update Report” Jan 29:

LivableStreets To Host First Annual “Boston Bikes Update Report”
On Thursday, January 29th, LivableStreets Alliance will host the first “Boston Bikes Update Report” by the city’s Director of Bicycle Programs, Nicole Freedman. The public meeting will be held starting at 7 PM in the mezzanine conference room of the main branch of the Boston Public Library. The focus will be on future steps needed to create the “world class bicycling city” that Mayor Menino has promised. There will be additional discussion about what could be done to significantly expand the cycling population — and its political influence — by attracting “traffic intolerant” bicyclists, by installing low-cost bike-friendly infrastructure in all parts of the city, and by setting up programs to assure that low-income and non-white communities feel included, among other strategies.

See you there!